Vetehinen – The Siren Killer

The Greek gods’ cruelty and distain towards the human race grew out of control. Oracles secretly conspired with clerics to fight back against their vicious monsters. Vetehine, the siren killer, was created to take back the sea. History would’ve never seen the fall of the Greek gods if it was not for heroes like Vetehine, fighting back against the gods’ pet.

Pythia the oracle of Delphi created Vetehine with her black magic. Her betrayal to the Greek gods was secondary only to Prometheus’s.

Vetehine was summoned to destroy the Greek monsters of the sea. His first kill were the sirens, which is how he got his nickname. He disguised himself as a human and became a shipmate on a vessel near the region of the sirens. At night, Vetehine secretly altered the ships navigation coordinates, leading the ship and its crew directly into the den of the Sirens.

Using the crew as bate, Vetehine snuck up behind the Sirens and slit their throats with ease. None of the crew was hurt.

Vetehine later went on to slay the rest of the Greek sea monsters until Poseidon himself came down and smited him. By then, it was too late. The Greek gods lost control of the sea and soon they fated from relevance.

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