Andrew’s Journal – Entry 48

Our trial took place down the street at someone else’s house. The place seemed normal enough considering it was government housing. It was a three bedroom and was well-kept. They sat us at an extended dining room table with six other people. Two other Morning Stars stood at the entrance of the room, armed. Joe the Barber was one of the armed men. The six sitting at the table were black, but didn’t look like stereotypical gangbangers like the others did. They looked like regular folks. They dressed like me and talked like me. Until then I’d only met Morning Stars that had looked and talked like Jacob and the two armed men standing guard. They used urban slag, worn loose clothing, and were always quick to anger.

The six higher-ups at the table eyed me. They didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. It was like they didn’t know what to think of me.

They all started talking at once. Everything was discussed from their daily grind, to Jacob’s defiance, to my apparent bravery. It was weird. It was like no one listened to the other. Before long, someone announced, “All in favor.” All six table members shouted, “I!”

Joe the Barber kicked the door frame. Everyone went silent. He turned and stormed away.

Jacob leaned over to me and told me he understood why Joe was angry. He had lost some good men for no good reason.

I asked Jacob what happened. I didn’t actually understand what was going on.

The council decided that Jacob’s approach to creating ties with The Church kept the Morning Star’s mission safe. Jacob was to setup similar relationships at other locations starting with his home town of Chicago. I was welcome to join him and I joined without question.

I was floored.

What are your thoughts about this?

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