Andrew’s Journal – Entry 47

We surrendered ourselves to the Moring Star high counsel. Jacob called them the “higher-ups”. They told us to go back to Jacob’s home to await our trial. Jacob assured me that there was no reason to run. They would be grateful for what we did. We had created a strong connection with the Church of Scientology and the Morning Stars would be able to strengthen their numbers while keeping their family members free.

I trusted Jacob’s assessment of his gang, but the situation scared me. We had left behind at least 50 RFP’s. Thousands of people would be reintegrated by The Church each year, and we were going to do nothing to stop it.

Jacob reminded me of the difficulties that I had had in regaining my memories. Even now, I feel like there are times I’m losing my mind when I try to recall all that had happened between Heather and Avery’s death. The chronological order confuses me. The job of the Morning Stars are not to free people or save people; it’s just to make life a little more bearable. The job is to answer prayers so people can get by with less agony.

What are your thoughts about this?

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