Andrew’s Journal – Entry 45

Jacob had a contact in a satellite Scientology church. Scientology satellites brought in people by pitching a promotion for a new book call Dianetics, their version of the Bible. Once the mark was inside, the Scientologist hooked their victim to an e-meter. The meter basically tested the amount of memory loss a person had. Those with less memory loss were flagged and pushed through to the next step. People with less memory loss are more likely to not have a watcher, and therefore more likely to be susceptible to Scientology tactics. Memories hold flashes and sometimes actual sightings of angels. Scientologists exploit people who are unable to explain these angelic events.

Jacob and his Scientologist contact, Ron, go way back. Ron had been in a similar situation to mine where Jacob had to free him. Ron had lost his son to a drug overdose and prayed to know the truth. In this world, the truth could mean a lot of things. When Jacob showed him the truth that was on the surface, Ron wasn’t satisfied. Things didn’t add up. The Morning Star council decided to test out the whole freeing strategy. Jacob removed Ron’s watcher and got his memories back for him. Once he saw the truth, Ron was given a choice: go back to living the lie or live in that real truth.

Ron chose not to go back, but he chose to follow The Church. The Morning Star higher-ups weren’t happy. Ron believed that God had tested his son and that his trial and death was all a part of God’s divine plan.

After the Ron experiment, the Morning Stars outlawed any freeing of civilians who prayed for help, which is why Jacob got into so much trouble for letting me hang on to my memories.

The fact is Jacob trusted Ron. He didn’t seem to care about everyone’s religious beliefs. He just had a prayer to answer and that was that. “Ron wants to help others out, just like us,” Jacob summarized. They stayed in touch while Ron drifted from one religion to another in search for one that would let him practice his faith without the lies and the memory wipes. Eventually, he found Scientology. Those in the know welcomed him, but kept him suspiciously in lower OT ranks. Those who didn’t know the truth thought that he was a thetan miracle.

Ron wrote up a false e-meter reading for me. The report identified me as slightly crossing the threshold of investigation. In actuality, my e-meter reading would’ve showed that I had zero memory loss and made me a target for immediate reintegration.

What are your thoughts about this?

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