Andrew’s Journal – Entry 44

Jacob found out where Rohanda’s sister was taken for reintegration: The Church of Scientology.

As far as I knew, The Church of Scientology was not a church, as in a place where Christian’s worship. While their public policy was to allow their followers to continue their other religions, the Internet was full of stories about people who had experienced the opposite. Ironically, they believed all other religions were created by some higher power to falsely imprison us.

At first, I laughed at the idea of this being a church since they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. Jacob explained that Scientology adopted the word ‘church’ because it’s secretly the church of Raziel. With over ten thousand churches in 167 countries, Raziel used it to reconnect people to their Watchers and erase their memories. Church followers covered up the more practical matters like historical and financial documents. Jacob required me to read about Operation Snow White- very scary stuff.

The most chilling statistic is that the church has 4.4 million people in attendance each year while there are only a couple hundred active members at any given time. They are extremely efficient at what they do.

Jacob and I both felt responsible for Rohanda’s sister’s abduction. We decided to make it right.

Jacob’s plan was for me to walk into the heart of Scientology, find the leader or CBM, and sneak Jacob in to kill him. To my relief, Jacob was going to create the diversion this time by releasing all their reintegration prisoners. The Scientologists called them the Rehabilitation Project Force or RPF’s for short.

This freaked me out. The Scientologists were the ones who we were technically hiding from. They would’ve been the church involved if I was reintegrated. Hell, they’d rather kill me. It was the Morning Stars that got me on the reintegration track. Also, the plan made no sense. How was killing their CBM going to create a deal for peace? Jacob just told me that the less I knew the better. Scientologists can read minds.

What are your thoughts about this?

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