Andrew’s Journal – Entry 41

One day Jacob told me the story of how he had ended up in Patricia’s basement. Jacob didn’t usually tell stories, but Rohanda had bought us some Steel Reserve. After a few, Jacob veered from his normal quiet ways.

After Jacob had snuck past the FBI encampment, he reached the nexus point with a couple of hours before dawn to spare. He had planned on waiting until dawn and my diversion, but Elliot was waiting for him, providing the necessary ingredient to call the Jinni, fire.

Knowing my story, Jacob had realized he couldn’t just throw the bag of goodies into the fire. Elliot wanted this. He wanted to quickly kill the Jinni and end all hope.

Jacob sat down across the fire from Elliot. There was no reason to act rashly.

Elliot told Jacob that it was over. The FBI camp was completely infiltrated by The Church. I was going to be interrogated and killed. The war would grow, unless they did something to stop it. Elliot said that Jacob and I could be traded. The Morning Stars needed to capture us both and then trade our freedom for peace. I would be reintegrated through Raziel’s spells, and Jacob would be executed.

I had learned over the past couple weeks that The Church referred to the angels’ human followers- or leaders, not sure which one. The Church took on many forms and seemed to be everywhere. The Morning Stars and The Church really didn’t interact. When their paths did cross, they usually ran in opposite directions. My situation was a conflict that was starting a war. Morning Stars weren’t allowed to use angels.

Jacob liked the idea of trading his life for mine, but wouldn’t give up finding Avery.

Their deal was: Elliot would let Jacob summon the Jinni and order the angel to find Avery, Jacob would surrender himself to the Morning Stars, and Elliot would ensure my safety back to the Morning Stars. Then, the Morning Stars could negotiate peace with our lives.

Jacob threw the bag into the fire and summoned the Jinni. The muscular blue creature appeared above the fire. Jacob ordered the angel to find Avery. It took off into the sky. The blue streak went off into the heavens. Avery was dead.

Elliot asked to see the talisman so that he could send the Jinni away, but Jacob didn’t have one. He had no idea he needed a talisman. In all his interactions with angels, he had never summoned jinn or commanded one.

They moved to run, but the ground disappeared. They fell into a pit, a trap. It was like the earth swallowed them whole.

Gravity slowed and they gently landed on the bottom of a fifty foot pit. The opening above closed. Darkness surrounded them.

They heard odd sounds: slowly walking feet, a flap of a bird’s wing, an unsheathing of a sword. Elliot asked if Jacob had angel killers on him. Jacob took out his guns: “Thou Shall Not Kill” and “Thou Shall Not Steal.” Elliot took out a machete and a semi-automatic.

Jacob laughed at his story. He explained there was really no reason for him to fight. Elliot was a Protector, the best and the last. He might as well be an Angel Hunter given how well he fights against angels. While shards of angelic swords are used to build angel killing bullets, Protectors carry the swords from angels that they have slain. Elliot’s machete was the most deadly weapon in the pit.

They were surrounded by Powers, sixth choir of angel. They are said to protect the wicked and once engaged bring total destruction to their enemies.

Elliot and Jacob battled the Powers in the pitch dark. Jacob shot his first two clips around in a circle, knowing that Elliot would be fine. The flashes of discharging weapons revealed a room full of blood thirsty angels. Their wings were small and agile. Some held two-handed swords, some one-handed, but all had swords. There were about twenty.

Jacob reloaded his clips before the angels could move in. He backed himself towards a dirt wall. Even though he lost Elliot completely, he didn’t worry.

After draining his last clips in the darkness, an angel snatched him and flung him into the air. Jacob hit the ground and dislocated his shoulder. He stayed on the ground, controllably clutching his shoulder. The arch angel in charge of the nest of Powers stood above him. Lighting sparked from the angel’s finger tips and eye sockets. The arch angel electrocuted Jacob until Elliot killed it from behind.

Jacob’s head fell into the dirt. He listened to the dropping of bodies as he passed out.

Elliot killed each Power like an assassin, cold and calculated. His precision was unreal, but unseen in the dark. Later, Elliot would claim that it was easy once the arch angel was disposed.

Morning Stars arrived on the scene. They dug them out, collected the swords for bullets, and took Jacob.

Jacob surrendered himself freely. It was the only way to save me.

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